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Enjoy the summer with Linen Capri models that will pamper your skin with its soft texture. With its breathable structure and non-perspiring fabric, you will be able to enjoy the sun without sacrificing your comfort.

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Linen capris are waiting for you in ineuk ltd, which will enjoy your summer activities with stylish patterns and models in your outdoor activities and daily life.

Vivid colours from each other with classic front pocket, zipper and tire details to match your style, as well as comfort will ring your heart.

Wholesale and Retail Linen Capri sales, we produce with our first quality products, this season will be the most preferred and worn models. Our Capris, which are sewn with contemporary fashion patterns, do not cause any perspiration and there are no fading and bleaching problems.

Our products which are manufactured from linen which is the most valuable kind of fabric, do not shrink shrinkage in customer usage by washing out of factory.

You will enjoy the comfort of sitting and getting up, and you will be fond of this summer with the latest trend Capris, which reflects your style with Jean-style models.

At the pool, on holiday, weekend activities, you will design the most elegant combinations with colourful capris that offer you the comfort of shabby clothing to the end.

Linen Capris are waiting for you in this season with ineuk ltd which has rich colour yearbook to match your upper garment.

Linen Shorts, which attracts the most attention in summer, are very cool this season with their classic and contemporary models! Made of precious linen fabric, the shorts will allow you to enjoy the sun with their cool-keeping structures.

At ineuk ltd, you will emphasize the comfort of your daily life with shorts designs adorned with the chirping colours of the new season.

Knee-ending length, with the pocket details on the sides will reflect this season’s most outgoing Jean fashion for you.

Fully sun-resistant, do not fade with heavy colours Linen Shorts are long-lasting worn parts.

Our shorts are extremely comfortable thanks to the first quality linen fabric we use, and there are many models and colour options that appeal to all tastes.

In addition to the standard moulds, Jean and classic cuts will make our Mr / Mrs customers look cool.

New fashion shorts produced at Halteks are washed and reach the end user. In this way, it does not shrink when washed, you can use it easily with the dimensions and flexibility of the day.

We carry our customer satisfaction to the top by carrying out joint works with many stores with our Wholesale Linen Shorts sales.

You will continue to preserve your style with the lightness and vivid colour of the shorts we produce with certified fabric dyes that do not harm human health.

You will be filled with the latest fashion trend shorts in this summer with its dust-free and self-shaking structure without sacrificing your comfort.

Don’t forget to follow ineuk ltd products for first quality production, excellent customer support, retail and wholesale…

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