Mail order frauds



This is the company that has been scamming consumers all around the UK.  Maybe even the whole world!!!  I have been in contact with our colleagues over in Turkey,  where this has been happening over there as well.  Can you imagine when you see a letter informing you “ you have been chosen to receive a £15000 cheque` and there is all the evidence you need to take this company to the tribunal.  HOWEVER  the addresses are all P.O box 50,   6 THE BROADWAY,  MILL HILL,  NW7,  3LL  here in London  & one address in PO. BOX  1075,  BEDFORD,  MK41  9XP which are both just a faceless address in the UK. However in their letters the inform that they are a n Agent for PROMONDO SAS, CARROS, RCS GRASSE,  418 042 826,  this is a company in the south France!!!!!!!

These big wigs probably sitting up there on their big boats & mansions thinking about how they can feel secure for the rest of their lives.  ANYWAY i feel better after that sorry my friends i had to get it out.  I used to read these adverts where there is a couple on a mansion garden next to the pool and the weather is lovely and then the actor starts to explain how he got here…………… I NEVER believed it at the time however now Especially after the letter i received from  Advertising Standards Authority……

They tell me Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Agency,

Even though they cant help me with this case,  as the company PROMONDO group is in another country,   they can however inform their French counter parts in France in respect of mail order scamming.  Sadly informing  me that my compliant is not the first OR the only complaint about this company VITAMAIL,  who uses different names to advertise prizes won by consumers as long as they reply within the time limit.     PLEASE you must read the TERMS &CONDITIONS  because in Term 11 it clearly states “Each participant who submits a valid entry form in compliance with terms & conditions will receive a prize referred to in the promotion as the “Cheque“ and which consists of the vitamail or delices & gourmandises , or Tips of our grandmothers each with a redeemable value of…………….   HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! £1.50p not £ 15000 or £13000 or £1000 consumers please dont waste your money on products which cost more then the retailers price and postage & packing AND its not guaranteed you will get what you order in the first place. Now I’m going to keep investigating this company till i feel that I’m getting through to the authorities to put a stop to this sorts of advertising and I’m calling out to everyone if we can convince the parliament that these sorts of advertisements are not legal.  That is why the are not placed in UK they are doing import export or should we call it (No port  extort???) . Please if you heard of anyone getting ripped off like i am get in touch with me and maybe we can make a difference I mean I’m wondering why there is so much unemployment>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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