United kingdom

Ladies and gentleman

Let’s congratulate UK on making the right decision Come on now we voted to leave the E. U, LONG TIME AGO

We know the E. U wants to hold UK to ransom on whether we should, can, will leave the E. U I Mean they are behaving the way Hitler behaved in the 1st and 2nd world war what difference is it when you can’t do what is required to protect your border from over whelming demands from E. U.

Now if we look at the history of the European Union for the past 54 years they have picked and chosen certain countries to join the E. U for instance Turkey has been partners with the E. U NATO however the E. U do not want turkey in the E. U instead have used turkey to fight the so called extremists in the middle East yet they do not want to give the same privileges to turkey as the rest of Europe. Why? because Turkey is mostly Muslim and in public view they are seen as non biased yet better still they need turkey to fight their battles for them and even the UK has had enough of the E. U KEEP TAKE TAKE HOWEVER WHEN IT COMES TO GIVING Back lol they are willing to treat the middle east as some sort of a under privileged undeveloped need of rescuing from themselves.  Even the UK has had enough of paying for their part of being in the E. U however I do believe that UK will and should leave the E. U. and concentrate on spending all the money that the E. U was getting, On infrastructure in the UK, for instance INCREASING the minimum wage to £10 hour and then enforce it on to the business industry so that UK businesses have to pay the workers  and bring the N. H. S back to the awesome, brilliant N. H. S that we had in the 1990”s when I remember you could go to the emergency department in any hospital in UK and get seen within 30 minutes. Ever since UK joined the E. U WE HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMED with the amount of emergencies and what you must realise is that 70% of patients that come through the emergency is European not so much from central Europe but Eastern Europeans.

Yes this countries N. H. S was looked up to by every other country in the world. Now however we might even have to privatise the N. H. S.  God forbid if that happens or if USA has anything to do with it we would be charging everyone who has not got health insurance to pay out of their pocket to get treatment in the best country in Europe and most of the world.



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