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Welcome to invu.blog I ave created this site to tell you the  truth about political, as well as try to introduce myself and how I got to this stage of my life as a RECOVERING ADDICT.  Now I will start with my life story and gradually explain how N.A(Narcotics Anonymous) has helped me in dealing with life on life’s terms and to explain a little about how the mind works and how we can deal with anything in this God foresaken world. So please read this life story with an open mind and do not judge me for my wrongs however try and understand that we are all unique creation and that heaven does exist in our hearts and minds.me 1                                                                                                   I arrived into this world as a baby born from my mom and dad who were Turkish immigrants arriving to United Kingdom from turkey,  a country so unique it has half in europe and half in middle east. I do not remember much about my early child hood what I remember is running around the strets of londonin the east end(Bow) and going to primary school and being or should i say feling different from oher kids I always felt that i was special and different because when I was at home i used o speak turkish with my family and as soon as i went out to play i spoke English and even went to church(Church of England) and learnt about Jesus Christ our lord and saviour who gave up his life for  us so that we can be forgiven for our sins and arrive in Heaven to the presence of GOD(ALLAH).


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