Ineuk ltd will be a new apparel fashion retailer that caters to the men and women of all ages, our focus is to provide middle eastern, Turkish fashion wear apparel and jewellery and want to position ourselves in the designer wear market at affordable prices.

We will be the first and only suppliers of a Turkish based manufacturer (halteks tekstil based in incirliova, Aydin, turkey who have their own style and brand only available in turkey at this time however we are looking to introduce this brand (Heavens Ephesus)providing men’s and women’s summer and winter wear, which are not available anywhere in the united kingdom.

Our products will be men’s shirts, t-shirts, shorts, bomber jackets, also women’s blouses, capri shorts, shorts, also silver jewellery which are made only in turkey.

Currently around 555,000 people are employed in fashion, textiles and fashion retail in the United Kingdom. Most jobs in fashion related industries are in the retail sale of clothing. This sub industry employs 75 percent with 414,000 people working in the retail sale of clothing. Also, the retail sale of leather goods provides a fair amount of jobs in fashion, about 11 percent, 59,000, employers work within this sector. Another 8 percent, 43,000 employers, work in the wholesale of clothing. With respectively 34,000 positions, 6 percent and 1 percent, the least amount of jobs are in the manufacturing of wearing apparel and the manufacturing industry.

With a market value of 6.2 billion Pounds The largest companies in the UK and has annual sales of 1.8 billion pounds. The online fashion store sells over 850 brands in the range of clothing and accessories. International retail sales for clothing is accounted for almost 63% of total retail sales

Fashion IndustrySales
Women’s suits, not knit:£1.24 billion, 11 percent
Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, etc.:£697 million, 6 percent
Women’sT-shirts:£622 million, 5.6 percent
Women’s suits, not knit:£580 million , 5.2 percent
Used clothes and textiles:£452 million, 4 percent
Women’s Suits:£449 million, 4 percent
Men’s Suits, not knit:£4.13 billion, 12 percent
Men’s suits, not knit:£2.59 billion, 8 percent
Men’s Sweaters, pullover, sweatshirts, etc.:£3.18 billion, 9 percent
Men’s T-Shirts:£2.54 billion, 7 percent
Men’s suits:£2.06 billion, 6 percent
Men’s overcoats, not knit:£945 million, 3 percent
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