How To recover


This page you are seeing is an example of the Twelve (12) step of recovery from addiction. We realize that whether written or verbal, nothing can make you forget that you went through or how you made others feel about themselves or you when you we’re in the so called madness!(Addiction) however what the steps can do is try to make you forgive yourself and allow others to forgive and start to love and trust you again.

We hope you will find personal as well as spiritual growth understanding, and empathy on this site.

In The N.A society e deal with all aspects of addiction not just drugs, The Aspects of our mind are numerous, by practising the 12 steps we each of us discover ways of dealing with life on life’s terms. Regardless of the individual effects of addiction in our lives we all share a common characteristic, we address this obsession, the compulsion, the denial, also the spiritual void we all have in this world.

Now as we examine and acknowledge all these different aspects of our addiction, we understand the powerlessness over people places, things, once we accept that life gets easier to deal with and we only look at our part in things and how we make people feel about themselves and others.

Denial is the part of the addiction that makes it difficult,  if not impossible for us to accept reality,  We often told ourselves that, given the right set of circumstances, we might be able to bring our lives under control  example:  different country, different friends, even different families.

The spiritual part of the addiction the part where we may recognize only by a feeling of emptiness or loneliness when we first get abstinent, is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of addiction for us. because this part of our addiction affects us so much and so personally, we may be overwhelmed when we think about applying a program of recovery to it. however, we need to remind ourselves that we did not become addicted in a day and recovery does not happen in a DAY.

As we start to look at the effects of our addiction, we are sure that our lives had become unmanageable, we see it in all the things that are wrong with our lives, again our experiences are individual and may vary widely from addict to addict.










About Us

Welcome to I ave created this site to tell you the  truth about political, as well as try to introduce myself and how I got to this stage of my life as a RECOVERING ADDICT.  Now I will start with my life story and gradually explain how N.A(Narcotics Anonymous) has helped me in dealing with life on life’s terms and to explain a little about how the mind works and how we can deal with anything in this God foresaken world. So please read this life story with an open mind and do not judge me for my wrongs however try and understand that we are all unique creation and that heaven does exist in our hearts and 1                                                                                                   I arrived into this world as a baby born from my mom and dad who were Turkish immigrants arriving to United Kingdom from turkey,  a country so unique it has half in europe and half in middle east. I do not remember much about my early child hood what I remember is running around the strets of londonin the east end(Bow) and going to primary school and being or should i say feling different from oher kids I always felt that i was special and different because when I was at home i used o speak turkish with my family and as soon as i went out to play i spoke English and even went to church(Church of England) and learnt about Jesus Christ our lord and saviour who gave up his life for  us so that we can be forgiven for our sins and arrive in Heaven to the presence of GOD(ALLAH).