BREXIT Deal or No deal

Prepare your life, business or organisation for Brexit.

ladies and Gentleman Brexit may sound like we are losing control of our lives in the UK and  getting rid of all those illegal, immigrants. The N.H.S at last will be like it used to be all those years ago when you went into a hospital or G.P and the staff were all friendly and helpful to you because they were loving their work and looking forward to taking care of you. Well let’s think again.

On the one side we will have the opportunity to have more time with our carers,  because well the quality of service should be better.  I am speaking from a personal experience because I lost my father in the N.H.S hospital in a hospital bed in a ward where the hospital was so packed and the staff was so over worked,  that when my dad died they did not even put him into the resting position and did not or could not pull the blanket over his head,  because there was no staff available at 5:30am in the morning.

I had to find my dad laying half sitting up and the oxygen tube falling out of his nose,  his mouth half open and he was half sitting up and half laying down on the bed with the covers up to his waist and not all the way up to his neck,  because like I said there was no one about. When I came into the hospital at 5:30am in the morning  because I got the news from my niece who arrived to the hospital and phoned me to tell me to come quickly because her grandad (my Dad) was dying.  I entered the hospital and had to wait at the door of the ward because no one came to open the door for me.  I had to bang on the door so that someone can hear my shouting and screaming to let me in and after a minute or two my niece came and opened the door and when I arrived at his bedside.      I nearly crumbled on my feet,  because it is not easy seeing your beloved father dead on the hospital bed with no one around to comfort me or even to say sorry for my loss and while was praying for his soul to be taken into heaven,  I heard a groaning noise coming from the bed next to my dad’s and I thought that the man in the next bed was dying to so I quickly rushed over and pulled the parting curtain that divides the beds from each other,  I saw this man who was lying on the bed with the covers open and believe me he was masturbating with his eyes closed and o.m.g I did not know what to do. I just froze and quickly turned back to my dad and carried on putting him into the resting position.

As I was praying for my dad’s soul I looked around and this afro Caribbean or maybe African female nurse walking past the ward not even coming up to my side and comforting me NOOO she just went on her way to wherever she was going.

THAT is what the N.H.S has got to,  the staff was so overworked that every sick person,  no matter what age or condition they was in, the hospital staff just put them where ever empty place they can find and not even dividing,  the mentally ill or the elderly or even the severely sick people. I really wanted to blame the whole government for the way they treated my dad in his last days.  However Just because there are rotten apples in a sack you can’t just throw the whole sack away can you.

Now I hope I pray that the original English standard of living will come back when we leave the European union,  because I truly believe that if all the staff in that hospital was English staff there is no way that my dad would’ve even died in the middle of the night, because The English may be proud and arrogant we still have our self-respect and the respect of others who are in our care to ensure only the best possible care is given to patients in united kingdom

I could give you so many more examples of how United Kingdom has changed ever since we joined the European union that there would not be enough time and space on this website to write it all down.

SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT FEEL ANGER OR RESENTMENT against the British people for wanting to leave the European union,  AND look at how we can make the United Kingdom the best country in Europe even maybe the whole world.