Hnc level 4 business management

Now when we believe in a GOD,ALLAH a good orderly direction we also must believe in a DOG a Halle a bad chaotic direction just like a coin there are two sides to it same as us there is always 2 sides to us the good loving forgiving and also the bad the hating the vengeful. Now we can either believe in the good God and be good, do good forgive be humble and believe in that if we are good and be good to others even our own worst enemies we shall go to heaven and if we are bad and do bad and hurt and rob and kill and steal we go to hell?
Now no matter what people tell you for instance there is no god there is no higher power once we are dead that is it!!
Well I truly believe that is the negative side of us the bad, the evil, the DEVIL you know what the saying is?
THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Yes, my fellow humans my fellow earthlings my fellow people of this earth.
In my later letters I want to talk about life as a believer as a humble follower of Jesus YES JESUS In my experience I have always had Jesus in my life however I was not always this BRAVE, this BOLD as to try and influence others to follow in the way of Jesus because as we know you don’t force on someone else what you believe or who you believe in because it is just a known subject that when ever you try to tell others what to do THEY don’t do It, so I decided that the best way to convince them is to live your life they way Jesus did and let the holy spirit do its job and spiritually convince them that JESUS IS THRE WAY AND THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS because no matter who you are you.
So, my fellow readers I will hopefully be with you very soon and tell you a bit more about How Jesus changed my life and taught me patience, will power and the strength to goon no matter what happens THERE IS HOPE.,

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The new entity will continue the ambitious journey of the INEUK LTD programme, building on the important gains, lessons and track record of our work so far. A wide majority of civil society stakeholders recognise that INEUK LTD has become much more than just a IMPORT EXPORT company. It has developed, and is now operating as, a independant model that combines strategic grant-making with roles as a convener, catalyst, coordinator and facilitator of learning of civil society in the promotion of active citizenship and transformational change in retail industry.

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