starly’s life story

Hi everyone i just wanted to introduce myself I am suleyman yilmaz I was born in a little town of Turkey(Aydin) and i emigrated to UK a long time ago.I remember when i first came into this country it was a lot different to how it is now gor example when you said hello,hi,good day to someone we all used to ask eachother how are you what you upto? anything you wanted and in return you used to get a honest answer. NOW we get people ignoring you or even swearing at you for no reason now i wish i could tell you the real reason why people are all defensive or ignorant to other people I want to ask the genuine people of this country why do you get all defensive when someone says hello or good day? good manners cost nothing it is free I understand that some people may have things on their mind and personally do not want to speak to others now that does not give you the excuse to put other people down or even ignore them when they are asking you directions or even just to feel connected to others we must realise that in this time and age we need to connect with other people because the world is changing.

I want to give you a challenge.

Next time you see an elderly person trying to cross the road or even trying to talk to you PLEASE PLEASE  do not ignore them or give them looks that mean “are you mad?” or leave me alone you never know when the time will come that you will need those people to come to your aid when god forbid you fall down with a heart attack or you feel so low that you walking around with a look of despair on your face I truly believe that what ever you do to others will be done onto you.

Ever since i can remember this country was the envy of the world yes the whole world wanted to be like united kingdom now we are on the verge of leaving the European Union.

I mean this country was best known for their Christian beliefs and standards.

Now they even want to stop people celebrating Christmas!!

what is that all about what is wrong with thinking of others before yourself? What is wrong with giving help to the homeless and the hungry? and the forsaken of the world?

please lets change this country and the world to how it used to be when the standard ofl iving was high and people were happy with their life We must learn to live within our means and so what if someone is more richer than you what does it matter that someone else has a big house in the country side and a penthouse in the city ?

so please do something for others even at least once a day it could be asking them if they are ok? or would they like some help i am sure that person who is homeless or even on drugs would appreciate it if you just smiled at them as you walk by them.





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